Atlantic Institution

13175 Route 8, PO Box 102, , , , E9E 2E1

Atlantic Institution is in Renous, New Brunswick. It is a maximum security facility. The institution has a triangular design. Offenders are housed in direct observation living units. Currently, construction is underway on a new 96 bed maximum security ...

Nova Institution for Women is in Truro

180 James Street, , , , 902-897-1750

Nova Institution for Women is in Truro, Nova Scotia. It is a multi-level security facility. It is one of five regional facilities for women across Canada. Inmates are housed in different styles of living units depending on their security level. There ...

Port-Cartier Institution

Chemin de l'Aéroport, PO Box 7070, , , , G5B 2W2

Port-Cartier Institution is a maximum-security facility, located in Port-Cartier, Quebec. The facility is composed of three units, a detention centre with 20 cells, and one health centre. As part of CSC's efforts to encourage inmates to become law-a ...


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