Nova Institution for Women is in Truro

  • Nova Institution for Women is in Truro
Nova Institution for Women is in Truro, Nova Scotia. It is a multi-level security facility. It is one of five regional facilities for women across Canada. Inmates are housed in different styles of living units depending on their security level. There are eight homes. Each has enough single bedrooms to house five to seven women. Two other living units provide extra mental health support and security for those women who need it. There is the Structured Living Environment (SLE) Unit. It can house up to eight women who need specific mental health interventions. There is also the Secure Unit. It houses up to 10 maximum security women. The Secure Unit includes Nova's Segregation Unit, which has three cells Currently construction is underway on two new 7 bed houses and four more SLE spaces. Work is due to be completed in 2013-2014. At the same time, Nova is also expanding the correctional and rehabilitation programs that they offer. Facility Characteristics Institution for women offenders Security level: multi-level Date opened: 1995 Rated capacity: 81
180 James Street, Truro, 902-897-1750, Nova Scotia, B2N 6R8